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Ladies Environment club is made up of women who care and advocate for a clean, green, healthy and beautiful Environment.
It is an offshoot of Clean and Beautiful Atmosphere Initiative aka Clean Up Naija.

Together we can make a difference

The purpose of Ladies Environment Club is as follows: To bring together women from all walks of life within Nigerian metropolis, who are passionate about environmental sustainability with special attention to ‘CARE, NURTURE & ENJOY NATURE’’ they liken Nature or the Ecosystem to the womb of a woman where human life is conceived and formed. Like mother earth which brings forth life and nourishment man needs for his existence, hence the motto ‘CARE, NURTURE & ENJOY NATURE’

we inevitably enjoy the good that Nature provides for humanity. The club carries out this purpose through the following objectives

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Let's stop deforestation, improper waste dumps and any form of Environmental pollution.